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Scrobble Sends play count data to [] (requires a account and the Plugin). This will only scrobble new plays; it can’t add past play counts. I’ve been scrobbling since and it’s been an amazing tool to track my listening habits and keep track of everything. I can go through an artist and see which albums I’ve never heard, or quickly see what my favorites were for a given period of time, or a really prolific artist, or whatever. Can I sync my iPod / iPhone / iPad with MusicBee? Is there a mobile version of MusicBee? 5 Other. Can I search using file name and location in addition to tags? Why are tracks not scrobbling/scrobbling multiple times to ? Why is a track .


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Scrobble Sends play count data to [] (requires a account and the Plugin). This will only scrobble new plays; it can’t add past play counts. Track the music you listen to by scrobbling via our desktop and mobile apps or by connecting to many of your favourite music services. Dec 19,  · Supports Minimum MusicBee 3 Allows you to scrobble play counts to and love or ban tracks with the “loved” field. Requires a account. When you first enable it, .
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Allows you to scrobble play counts to last. Requires a last. When you first enable it, it will prompt you to log in. Then you will see the options shown at right may require closing and reopening Preferences.

I’ve just copied plugin description from the forum to add-on’s section of site. Default: ticked In theory, you can scrobble your play counts from your portable devices.

However, be sure to read what Steven has to say about two-way synchronization. Exclude any tracks in the selected folders for instance, to prevent audiobooks or podcasts from being scrobbled. Unless mentioned by the Author, all add-ons and screenshots are licensed under cc by-sa 3. January 13, , pm December 19, boroda last. Download See Readme Like. Name Last. More from boroda. Social Networks Status by boroda. Old Sonique by boroda.

Morphyre by boroda. Skype Now Playing by boroda. Send to recycle bin the current song and play next song by boroda. See all add-ons from boroda.